The Role of Parents and Teachers in Improving the Educational Situation


Knowledge is a fundamental factor in the development of civilization. Man’s moral, spiritual, and worldly development comes only from useful knowledge. Without knowledge, consciousness, the maturity of faith, and the concept of goodness is not possible. For the past few decades, Students have been living in educational backwardness. For parents and teachers in correcting the educational situation, a few requests are offered.

Stop Dropouts:

We must first stop the interpretation of Turkish education. The reasons for this need to be addressed. Usually, students drop out of school due to financial difficulties. In such cases, satisfying the parents, as well as appealing to the students for help, turning to a scholarship trust, etc. can be a solution to the problem. The importance and usefulness of knowledge must also be explained and they must be persuaded to continue their education.

Touch Therapy:

Parents and teachers use touch therapy to motivate and encourage their children. Examples of touch therapy are touching the student’s head, tapping the shoulder, kissing the forehead, hugging, and so on. Parents in particular are requested to provide touch therapy to their newborns. Also, give them the proper time. Tell an instructive story. Take with you to a scientific or educational exhibition. This touch therapy will give them protection, confidence, encouragement, and health.

Adopting E-Teaching Methods:

Electronic Teaching is a gift of modern science. Just giving lectures is not enough in the learning process. In order to make this educational style effective, students have to learn as well as show and feel, so students learn quickly, and those lessons last them for a long time. E-Teaching helps us in this regard. Teachers use this tactic. For example, when preparing a scientific topic, tell and explain the video clip, specimen sample, ppt, etc. related to this topic to the students.

Encourage students to create a Dream Board:

There is a famous saying in English. “If you fail to plan – you plan to fail.” That’s why we need to tell our students the importance of goals and plans, and not let those goals be imaginary. Instead, write in clear and fake letters and keep it in front of your eyes. Create a board where goals, plans, sayings, and incentive posters can be posted.

The goals should be “SMART” meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely and the desired goals should be made for the short term and long term.

Teaching high morals with higher education:

The most important point is that teachers and parents work together to teach students higher education as well as high morals. Education deviates from information and intelligence, while training provides high morals and character. Martin Luther King, Jr., a well-known American social worker, says, “Character with intelligence. The purpose of real education is. ”And one popular saying that adorns the walls of schools is this. Wealth lost, nothing lost, health lost, nothing lost. Lost morals, lost everything. ”


Efforts should be made to achieve these goals in a planned manner. Teachers and parents continue to guide students. Time is priceless. Gone are the days. We know that time is God’s trust, wasting even a moment of it is a criminal betrayal. One of the secrets of success is the right timing.