Coronavirus Has Led Educational Institutions To Organize Online Classes, But Are They Ready?


The global epidemic has affected the teaching process as well as other aspects of life. It has attracted all educational institutions to online education. Educational institutions that adopted co-education. They easily managed to launch full online classes. However, those institutions were reluctant to use technology. They suffered numerous complications.

Solution to Online Education:

The solution to online education is not only a traditional classroom and online net meeting program. Rather, it is about empowering teachers and students to create a fully integrated classroom environment.

The first challenge with these educational institutions is not to use technologies such as the Campus Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS), and virtual classrooms, and to use and train the employees and teachers of these educational institutions. This is a very important process. Technologies like LMS are designed to empower teachers. So that they can provide education in a more attractive and student-friendly environment.

Educational Opportunities for Students:

Today’s digital generation requires a diverse teaching process. So that they provide them with maximum educational opportunities, and create eagerness and curiosity within the students for educational promotion. The current education system depends on the preferences of the teachers, while the education system in the present age is in dire need of change according to the needs and mental maturity of the students.

Technologies should never be seen as a substitute for teachers. Rather, there is a need to bring teachers up to international standards by training them in the use of technologies. In fact, the use of technology makes teaching and learning easier and more convenient. In the education system, scrutiny and accountability become easier and more transparent.

Teachers who use technologies, have effective communication with your students, which improves the education system and is very useful for students. We tell our students to “always seek knowledge and never stop learning.

Why Should The Teaching Process Never Stop In Life?

There should be a better learning environment so that they can continue to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. In the modern education system, students can also upload their work after receiving their assignments on LMS. Teachers check and release the results only on LMS. Students can contact teachers at any stage. Seek immediate guidance. Teachers can also issue student grades based on results. Called “Grade”, “Learning Outcome” or “Row Break”. In this way, students, teachers, educational institutions, and the Department of Education become connected to an integrated system.

Online Education Policies:

In all these circumstances, the introduction of a uniform curriculum is very welcome and hopeful. The government should implement it without any pressure. But at the same time change the educational approach. So that the nation of ropes of grades and grades can truly understand education, and benefit from it. Along with the curriculum, guidelines should be issued to teachers on how to present lessons and what their goals and objectives should be, as well as introduce a fair monitoring system, which is set. Ensure policy implementation. If the government succeeds in achieving this goal.


Educational institutions must adapt to modern requirements as well as strive for full-time promotion and development. In order to raise the standard of education to the highest level. We expect that this article will be read and understood in its true spirit by the next generation of students and teachers as a low-level effort to bring the teaching and learning system up to date with modern requirements.