Education – Society and the Role of the Teacher


As times change, so does the role of each individual in society. Some people’s responsibilities increase and some people’s limitations increase. Our society once gave the teacher the status of spiritual parent and at that time the teacher was given this status. During this period it was also played cheerfully. Unfortunately, over time, the student’s character and mood changed, but the basic definition of the teacher was not distorted. The cruelty was that the teacher’s stomach could not be filled with spirituality, so the teacher turned spirituality into a stick and at the same time took the path of practice so that he could also feed his wife and children.

Importance and Need for Basic Education:

Nations around the world are realizing the importance and need for basic education and are preparing their teachers for the changing times. But sadly, even in the 21st century, our education system is not ready for a fundamental change. Our public school teacher is still convinced of the need for poles. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that our teacher tries to overcome his inner fear and lack of competence with the help of sticks. This is not a strange thing, every incompetent person roars at the other to hide his shortcomings!

The Teacher Has To Do More to Convince Himself:

An important component of teacher training is to give them a proper understanding of their role. In this day and age, the word teacher is not the end! Rather, in today’s world, the teacher is the target. Probably never before. The role of the teacher has now changed. Now he can be a leader for his students, but not necessarily a role model. He could tell the students, but not persuaded. He can then guide the student. But can’t force yourself to follow.

In an age when the student has more intelligence and more resources than the teacher. But our society is not ready to give any such role to the teacher. Society wants a lot from the teacher but does not want to give him the bread of honor twice. In a society where the teacher could not take the place of hiding his head from his salary, and could not feed his children. The teacher cannot be the leader in this society. In a society where the teacher’s words have no weight, you cannot develop a teacher. That is why we lack not only leaders but also followers. Leaders will not exist unless they are imitators. And unless there is a leader, there will be no followers!

The Force in the Hands of the Leader or In Other Words the Force.

We urge our children to imitate the force of the stick. These children go ahead and take the stick in their hands! Therefore, our nation has neither leadership nor ability but the passion to be a leader, which is the way we are giving to the children of our nation. They are robbing us of incompetent politicians, the army, the bureaucracy, the police, the doctors, and the teachers. Deterioration is increasing from generation to generation. But not willing to pay any attention to the basic unit.


If society is to be right, then we have to focus on the basics. We have to re-train our teachers. Our teachers have to be ready to play the role of a team player and team leader. Our society must give the teacher its due and the teacher must also understand that the word spiritual parents is so good in the books. But now the teacher has to change his role, understanding the demands of the time. If the teacher today adapts himself to the role of role model and leader, then the students will automatically adapt to the role of follower.