Children’s Character Building


As important as the role of parents is in the training and character building of children, so is the role of teachers. Parents and teachers are responsible for building children’s morals. Parents and related relationships teach children empathy, love, truthfulness, good manners through their actions, respect for others, and protection of their own and others’ honor. So that the dream of an Islamic welfare developed society can be embarrassingly interpreted.

The Role of Parents in Characterization of Children:

Dear readers of the template! These views were expressed by the speakers while addressing a seminar on “The Role of Parents in Characterization of Children” at Kotham School and College, to which Raqam was invited as a special guest. The guest of honor was a well-known motivator, Usman Hadi. The special message of Director Kotham College Ahmed Shafiq and Kotham School Principal Samina Shafiq was read out by Senior Teacher Madam Zarina. Addressing the seminar, I said that parents themselves should stay away from these superstitions in order to prevent their children from backbiting, gossiping, lying, stealing, depriving others of their rights, and other moral evils. So that the child learns from your actions, the mother plays an important role in the training of her children, the moral attribute that she will create in him will be hers and the evils that she will prevent will become a part of her caste.

Use the Latest Technology in a Good and Positive Way

Teachers along with parents also teach children wholeheartedly. Teachers should not use mobile phones while studying, as the teacher’s job is to educate and train the children. It is important to improve the quality of education, that the teacher is respected in society. The quality of teacher selection should also be strict. So that amateurs and those who work in private companies to pass the time are discouraged. Because nowadays the role of the teacher in training children is decreasing. While parents place more importance on teaching children quotations after school, due to which the child spends eight to ten hours a day with his teacher, unfortunately, education has become a business in our country.

We Could Not Agree On a Curriculum and Means of Education

The country has a class education system, which has made the education of rich and poor different. Due to the commercialization of education, the lack of moral training in children is evident, to reduce which it is necessary to set a government curriculum, and parents and teachers have to work together to build the character of the child. The mother educates her child in the light of Islamic teachings, in time this child becomes a useful member of Islamic society. Leading motivator Usman Hadi said that in order to create love and desire for education in children, we have to train them on the right lines by looking at compassion and its tendencies.

The Mother Has a Huge Responsibility to Train Her Children Well

Good thinking, good manners, and character of the mother provide a good basis for the child. While the mother has been given priority for the training of the child, the role of the father cannot be forgotten. This includes keeping the home environment free of gallstones and other unwanted things, including smoking. The child’s mind is a transparent mirror. Parents are the most important factor in making him human.