Does Your Child Go To School?

Do your children or siblings go to school? If the answer is yes, then let’s consider a few questions.

The First Question Is Do They Go To Public School Or Private School?

I think the middle class is using social media. Hardly any of these children or siblings go to public school. Now think about it, why did you choose a private school instead of a government school? Is it because enrollment in public schools was completed and your children could not get admission there or is it because you are not satisfied with public schools and this dissatisfaction leads you to private schools?

Your answer will surely be, that your distrust led you to it. You were not satisfied with the government institutions, so you are paying the fees of private schools by cutting your stomach in the world of compulsion. Now two more questions arise here.

The first question is whether you have ever made any effort to improve government institutions at the community level, have you ever met a delegation of elders from the neighborhood or the city to meet the officers of the Department of Education, or have you ever had your counselor, your chair Man, your mayor, you have made a demand individually or collectively that you have some reservations about our public educational institutions, listen to them and their We have a plan for improvement, think about it? Why do you make scholarly comments on world affairs from morning till night, but you have never paid attention to such an important, serious, and fundamental issue?

Have You Ever Tried To Find Out What Is The Standard Of Education Of The Teachers Who Are Teaching Your Children In Expensive Schools?

The second question that arises here is, did the mistrust of government schools take you to a private school, did it decrease after you got there, and are you now confident that your child is getting a good education? Everybody knows about public institutions, if there is such an educational capacity then a teacher will be appointed, but what is the standard of private institutions. Have you ever asked this question and has any school ever written such a detail in a child’s diary and sent it to you? Do you know how many times teachers change in a private school session, and are you told why this happens and what are the reasons? Have you ever looked carefully at your child’s diary, how many mistakes teachers make in a sentence written in the diary? Have you ever considered these reasons?

Do You Ever Pick Up A Baby’s Bag And Find Out Its Weight?

This bag contains educational materials or this child is burdened with the business interests of this school. What is the reason that the children of prep and nursery also have to take books two or three times a year in the name of the session and the curriculum changes after half a quarter? Have you ever wondered why private schools do not allow notebooks and copies to be taken from the market and they have taken the responsibility of printing it themselves or have given it on contract, so what is the reason? Is it all their sensitivity in the field of education promotion or is it something else?


Now consider another question. Choosing a private school instead of a public school is not a sign of inferiority hidden in your subconscious, what will people say if their child attends a public school? Otherwise, do you think that going to a place where children of laundresses, carpenters, cobblers, laborers, barbers, etc. study, can affect your child’s “class”? Just as our ceremonies from weddings to birthdays have been shrouded in frivolous and shameful fabrication, so can our collective sense of inferiority no longer allow our children to go to government schools?