Teacher and his responsibilities


Quality education is a prerequisite for a quality of life. This condition is necessary for the individual as well as for society. The quality of education is determined by the curriculum. However, a good teacher has a crucial role in shaping the overall personality of the students. The teacher’s job is not just to make students aware of certain facts and to pass on certain information.

Its duty is to build the personality of the students, to nurture their colorful abilities, to instill wisdom and wisdom in them, and to make them a dynamic and useful member of society. In order to fulfill this responsibility, it is necessary for the teacher to build an intellectual and ideological bridge between the students and the social requirements so that in the changing world the students are equipped with the skills that guarantee a life full of struggle.

Change Is the Greatest Reality of This Age:

The changes of this era have also had a profound effect on education and the education system. The current era has been extremely fast and rapid in terms of change and transformation. Globalization has overtaken the idea of ​​self-sufficiency. International companies (MNC’s) have transformed the whole world into a single market. Today, the need to strike a balance between individual identity and the collective approach is greater than ever.

A Link Between Knowledge:

The pace of advancement in knowledge is so rapid that it has become difficult to maintain a link between knowledge, learner, and teacher without fundamental changes in the methods of acquiring knowledge. In today’s world, it has become necessary to master the methods of acquiring more than acquiring knowledge. Filling every gap between knowledge and action has become one of the basic duties of a teacher. In a changing world, the protection of national heritage and values ​​has become a new educational need. The teacher of this era has to play the role of not only the classical teacher. On the contrary, in view of the changing social requirements, it is time to include innovation in our strategy.

What is Democratic Method of Teaching?

The democratic country needs the teacher to be constantly engaged in the formation of democratic temperament and training of a democratic lifestyle. Although it is difficult for a teacher to establish harmony and coherence despite criticism and disagreement, it is an essential duty, which can be disastrous. There is a lot of diversity and differences in Indian society, but there are also elements of tolerance. India’s identity is rooted in the Garden of civilizations only because of the spirit of tolerance and harmony. It is the duty of the teacher to make the students aware of this feature.

Responsibilities of the Teacher:

Due to the fundamental changes taking place in the field of education, the responsibilities of the teacher have also become wider and deeper. As a result of making primary education compulsory, children from disadvantaged sections of society have also started reaching out to schools. Not only has the number of students increased, but the first generation of many families have been exposed to education. The difficulties, needs, temperaments, problems, and desires of the first generation are different. Therefore, this generation has become a challenge for teachers. Motivating this class of impoverished students in teaching is a difficult issue that requires different teaching methods.


The scope of knowledge and the constant increase in the treasury of information has changed the nature of the teacher’s responsibility. Now the teacher is not just a means of providing information. Rather, introducing students to new ways of acquiring knowledge so that students can access the information on their own has become part of the teacher’s duties. The teacher of this age has to teach the students how to get information without any helper. So that the door of attainment is open for all ages of the student.