Schools, Books and Children


Schools, books and children deserve the most attention. In developed societies, more attention is being paid to them. But in our case, most of them have been treated and are being treated with contempt. Schools are training grounds, and the lessons learned here are lifelong.

The book is a pioneer of light. It enlightens children with knowledge and awareness, and guides children to move forward in life and children are the future of every nation. The country and the nations develop from them, and the future and the present are in their hands.

Secret to Success

The nation that pays attention to these three, success kisses their steps and the nation that turns away from them. She is always enslaved and humiliated. If we look at the developed nations, the credit for their success can be seen in the attention paid to all three of them and the countries that seem to be enslaved. In their inferiority, the cause of inattention to these three is visible.\

Quality of Education

Unfortunately, Asia is also ruled by people who are occupying schools and books and darkening the future of Asian children in their greed for money. These people have turned into a mafia, which includes government officials, elected public representatives, school administrations and large book printing companies. These people have become so bold, that they expose corruption in public and are so strong that even those who take action on their corruption take it easy. These mafias are so powerful that they can change even the chairman of a textbook board with a single call. It looks like the institutions and officers whose job is to improve the quality of education in Asia. They are the ones who are destroying the system, whose responsibility it is to improve the condition of the school and provide a clean environment to the children.

Corruption in Schools and Books

These stories of corruption in schools and books are now becoming popular everywhere. Talks are happening, news is also being published. Columns are being written, but not in stagnant water. The institutions that should take action on corruption are silent. What is dearer to them than the children of the nation is that the money spent on school and books is being looted, and all eyes are closed.

DFID funds for the betterment of schools and children

A handful of people who are counting the huge amount of money received from the British institution DFID are going to sell their books with the connivance of the top officials of the Punjab Schools Department. But no one takes notice. Look at the extreme shame, that other nation’s institutions are giving aid for the betterment of Asian children and we instead of working for the betterment of our own children. They are bent on consuming money.

DFID provided funds for the betterment of schools and children in Punjab. Look at our greed, that the money we spend on our children is being sacrificed to corruption.

Why Not A Hearing For These Publishers?

The Department of School Education ignored all the big and small institutions and favored its approved publishers in such a lavish manner. Add four books of one servant and hundreds of books of each institution. And the rest of the helpless little publishers who print a little, but standard and corrective books. Those who are circling the offices of education every day. Are these games of destruction wrought by corruption? It is a well thought out plan, if not then how can there be silence.


Who will stop the game being played in the destruction of schools, books and children in Asia? Will Asian children go away from school and books because of the mafia or will their future ever be bright?