Difficulty Reading and Child Abuse


There are some videos on the internet in which teachers are abusing their students while teaching. They are asking children to read from the book, but the children are not being read correctly, as a result of which they are being beaten by their teachers. These include school teachers and teachers of religious seminaries. Instead of harassing the children, the teachers became angry and started torturing them for not reading the book properly. If we try to find out the reasons why children can’t read correctly, then they don’t get beaten up.

What is Dyslexia?

Scientific research and anthropology have discovered that some children do not read correctly, due to a condition called dyslexia, which can be called “difficulty reading and writing.” This condition makes it difficult to read and write correctly. Dyslexia affects the areas of the brain that process the tongue. People with dyslexia have difficulty reading and writing correctly. Children who are bullied by their teachers for not taking lessons may also have dyslexia, so they need attention and help. Dyslexia is an inherited condition that is passed from parents to children, and it is present at birth.

How to get Rid of this Disease:

If anyone is having this problem, don’t worry, you are not alone in the world, this problem is found in 10% of the world’s population. It is more common in boys than in girls. Such children are not affected by intelligence and do not have any mental problems, and they can lead a normal life.

Many people in the Swedish royal family have difficulty reading and writing. Sweden’s wealthy Carl Gustaf also suffers from this problem. Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip are suffering from it. His mother was Queen Sylvia, who noticed the problem in her children at an early age. Princess Victoria says: “We were lucky to have our mother in the beginning and she was very supportive, which helped us a lot. Many great people in the world are suffering from this problem, but they overcame it and earned their name and fame.

How to Treat These Type of Children:

Teachers and parents should be aware of the plight of these children, and should not treat them harshly. Rather they should help. Society should be aware of this and if someone is facing this problem, they should be treated with empathy, instead of making fun of them and hurting them. They should not be asked to read aloud and if they make mistakes in reading, they should be treated with love and affection. If someone has difficulty reading and writing, it is better to answer the questions orally. Similarly, if there is difficulty in writing the answer, then the answer can be given orally. Don’t punish children for forgetting books or sports equipment.

Such children should not be ridiculed and words like lazy, stupid, incompetent, and dull-minded should not be used for them. Give these children less writing work and they should get more time in exams than other children. In Sweden, such students are given more time in exams than other students. These children should not be asked to write on a board or read a text from a book. Audio and visual books are useful for them instead of reading and it is easier to write from a computer than to write.


Therefore, these resources should be used. With these steps, we can better help people with dyslexia, and also create a better place in the race for life. To this end, there should be awareness campaigns at all levels in educational institutions and society.